Services and Rates

New clients must contact Masha to schedule your first appointment. 

Existing clients may schedule online. Click the link under your desired massage service to view availability. *Min=Minutes/Hr=Hour(s).


Got a Gift Certificate? Existing Clients ONLY~New Clients: contact Masha via email (best way) or phone to book your first appointment. Expiration dates are strictly enforced. You MUST contact me to get scheduled before it expires. *NOT valid for out-calls.

10-Min $10  15-Min $15  20-Min $20  30-Min  $35  45-Min $45  60-Min $60  75-Min $75  90-Min $85

Add a Scent: Scented Escape~Add a Scent to any massage at no additional cost! Your favorite essential oils will be diffused into the therapy room. Choose Lavender, Peppermint, Citrus, Eucalyptus, Floral, and more. *Some oils are contraindicated for certain conditions. Tell me if you are allergic to any oils. I am  not a certified aroma therapist.  I do not claim to heal any condition with the use of aromatherapy.

30-Min  $35  45-Min  $45  60-Min $60  75-Min $75  90-Min $85 

Back ONLY Massage: BACK to Normal~Enjoy a quick table massage that focuses on the neck, shoulders, upper, & lower back. 

30-Min $35    45-Min $45


Chair Massage: Have a Seat~Enjoy a fully-clothed, seated massage that focuses primarily on the scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms, & hands. Great to do on your lunch break, or if you only have a small amount of time to relax overworked muscles.

10-Min $10    15-Min $15    20-Min  $20

Deep Tissue Massage: The Muscle MASHA (masher)~This intense heavy pressure therapy helps to get into the deeper muscles fibers and relieve tension. Clients may experience a little soreness and inflammation after this therapy. Pain usually begins to subside in a couple of days by keeping the body hydrated, applying ice or cool therapy to the affected areas, and getting lots of rest.  *If you are pregnant or have high blood pressure, you should not receive this treatment.

30-Min $35   45-Min $45   60-Min $60    75-Min $75   90-Min $85  

Face & Neck Massage: Happy Face~If you only have a short time for yourself, check out this soothing scalp, face, & neck massage. Great for headaches and tension in the jaw or neck.  *This is not a facial.

30-Min $35    45-Min $45

Hand & Foot Massage: Hands & Feet Retreat~Do you drive a lot, spend a large amount of time on the computer, constantly use your hands for your job or stand for long periods of time? Inquire about this short massage designed to relax tired and achy hands & feet.

30-Min $35    45-Min $45

Hot Stone: Massage on the Rocks~Hot Stone Massage uses water-heated stones coated in oil to apply pressure & heat to the body using various massage strokes.  This therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and increases circulation.  *Those who are pregnant, have high blood pressure, acute injuries/pain, undergoing cancer treatment, have stroke/heart conditions, fever, or blood clots SHOULD NOT receive this therapy.

30-Min $35    45-Min $45    60-Min $60  75-Min $75    90-Min $85  

Leg & Foot Massage: Lucky Limbs~This massage is for the legs & feet only. It is great for runners or people who have to stand or walk for long periods of time.

30-Min $35    45-Min $45


Pregnancy Massage: Mommy's Moment~Pregnancy/prenatal massage promotes relaxation, soothes nerves, & relieves pain in strained leg & back muscles in expectant mothers.  Because this massage involves lots of maneuvering, propping with pillows, and draping to keep Mom covered and secure, a full-body session must be at least 60 minutes long. There are only 2 scheduling options for this massage.  *Get your doctor’s permission first.

60-Min $60    75-Min $75

Swedish Massage: Aaaaaah...Relax~This "classic" Swedish/relaxation table massage encourages total-body relaxation with minimal focus on specific areas. 

30-Min $35   45-Min $45   60-Min $60   75-Min $75   90-Min $85   


Trigger Point TherapyKNOT Now!~"Knots" are highly irritated points in muscles that may or may not refer pain to other parts of the body. Trigger Point & Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) utilize static pressure on specific myofascial points to relieve pain. Clients may experience a little soreness and inflammation after this therapy. Pain usually begins to subside in a couple of days by keeping the body hydrated, applying ice or cool therapy to the affected areas, and getting lots of rest.

30-Min $35   45-Min $45   60-Min $60   75-Min $75   90-Min $85   

VIP Discount:  Military, Teachers, & Seniors 65+~Valid for 60-minute SWEDISH AND DEEP TISSUE massages ONLY (No Hot Stones or Pregnancy Massages)  for retired/active duty military, teachers, and seniors 65+ ONLY.  *NOT VALID FOR OUT-CALLS OR CHAIR MASSAGE. Must show proof of military status, ID/Age, & teacher employment to receive discounts.

60-Min Military $48    60-Min Teacher $48  60-Min Sr  $48


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Discounts may not be combined.

*I reserve the right to refuse any person, place, or inquiry without explanation.​


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